Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam

“All The Way Over The Edge (Bros Don’t Talk About Anything)” is psyched-out spin on the neurotic power pop of early Weezer and the sprawling guitar rock of Titus Andronicus (generous gang vocals, too). There’s a lot of fuzz, but SFL have a knack for writing strong melodies that cut through to the surface via catchy hooks and instrumental flourishes." - Stereogum

"Loose and frizzy guitar lines, which tangle together into a riotous fuzz rock hoe down, replete with wry lyricism and undeniably catchy chorus...'All The Way Over The Edge (Bros Don't Talk About Anything)' serves as a vital introduction to the group." - The 405

"Fuzzy, lush and infectious, the song tackles the downsides of modern masculinity on the male psyche." - Louder



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“An amazing band, I really like this.”
Dan P Carter, BBC Radio 1 Rock Show

“‘We Are All Going To Die’ is the perfect introduction to the trio – with clattering rhythms and razor-sharp riffs combining for a devastating listen.”

“Big, heart-on-sleeve guitar-rock with a go-for-broke anthemic intensity… “We Are All Going To Die” will have you either tearing up, punching the sky, or both.”

“Fans of fuzzy, propulsive cathartic jams, are about to have a new favourite band.”

“Pummelling yet melodic guitars batter you round the heart with nary a pause for breath… Full of huge, lung-busting, shouting-into-the-wind vocals and relentless drums, guitars and everything else, cheerily-titled new single ‘We Are All Going To Die’ shows little concern for restraint.”

"We Are All Going To Die" is encased in a relentless soundscape of drums and guitars, owing its all-encompassing musicianship to shoegaze that is underpinned by a distinctly emo heart.”
The Line of Best Fit

“A roller coaster ride of rollicking riffs, descending and ascending with a luminous fury and friskiness, before delivering us back home again safe and sound, but breathless.”
The 405

“Guitars drill down at all angles, while the pummelling percussion sounds like a cement mixer trying to chew up a steel beam.”

“It offers the kind of swaggering, punch-drunk escapism we used to spend all our time wishing for in our teenage years, while making it feel utterly achievable even now we’re much older and far more cynical.”
Gold Flake Paint

“Harnessing the sun-kissed escapism of road-trip-rock acts like Japandroids and Cloud Nothings, their pessimistic streak is cast aside be searing riffs and an urgency most lo-fi groups could do well to glen from.”

“One of the most exciting bands of 2018.”
The i Paper